Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Journey... 3 months in.

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Almost three months in, and I have a couple of setbacks to report. Sadly, I did not make it into the finals for the PNWA literary contest. I had high hopes and submitted two manuscripts, one in the Sci/Fi Fantasy category and one in the YA/MG category. I had hoped for The Emerald Ring to make it to the finals so that I could use it as an award on my book jacket, but oh well. I have The Emerald Ring entered into one more literary contest that ends this September, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Next is my struggle to have Cedar Fort Books recognized as a children’s publisher in the children’s market. Their two children’s imprints, Sweetwater and Bonneville Books, have lists going back several years.  I wanted to join a group of debut authors called The Lucky 13’s , but my publisher is not listed in either the Children’s Writers and Illustrators Market 2011/12 or in the Children’s Book Council, which is a requirement to join. Being a part of this group would be a big help in both my marketing and publicity campaign. I tried to appeal, but was denied.

I contacted my publisher and asked that they request admission into the Children’s Book Council, if they do, then I can join The Lucky 13’s. 

Finally, I contacted the SCBWI to inquire about the status of Cedar Fort Books in their opinion. I had to wait over a month, but I finally got word that the SCBWI considers Cedar Fort a legit children’s publisher, and this will allow me to become a PAL (published and listed) member. It does not help me with The Lucky 13’s, but it is a bit of good news. Cedar Fort has been publishing since the late 1990's, and publish over 100 books a year, but still people do not recognize their name. I see a challenge in my future. I need to get their name better known in the publishing world.


  1. You are doing all the right things! And just remember about the contest, you are being published which means you've already won!

    1. TY Tiffany. Congrats on your entry, I'm so excited for you.