Friday, August 10, 2012

Bane by Trish Milburn

Time for a great follow up on an awesome YA paranormal series. Today’s book is BANE, by Trish Milburn, book 2 in the Coven series.

The Story- Witches Jax and Egan have made their way to Salem, Mass., trying to uncover the truth behind white witches. While there, they come across a bookstore that gives off strange vibes. Their first and only clue seems to be this store, but what is its true story?

Further digging reveals a shocking secret, the existence of the Bane, a group of witches dedicated to destroying the covens. The problem of course, is finding them and convincing them to train her as a white witch.

Time is running out as both Jax’s and Egan’s evil families uncover their hiding place, and with the return of Keller, Jax’s boyfriend, things get even stickier.

My Thoughts- I really like this series. Jax and Egan are two renegades against the world. They struggle to not use their magic, while at the same time find those who can help them defeat their evil families. I also like the people they find to help them, not just the Bane, but a group of witches that long ago gave up their powers in order to stay alive. But, they have been hiding secret records in the hopes that one day, the covens can be defeated.

The quest to find the missing “end” and “beginning” books is fun. I enjoy the search for the missing page that might contain the truth Jax is desperately looking for. The history of the white witch is enchanting, and the story doesn’t fully come out in book 2, so something more to look forward to in book 3, Magick, coming soon.


  1. Dorine, so happy you enjoyed the book. I'm really looking forward to seeing what everything thinks of Magick when it comes out. It was fun to write and wrap up a lot of the threads.

    1. I can't wait to read it! Let me know when the ARC's come out.