Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Emily Keyes- Agent

Welcome to inside the publishing world Wednesday. Today I am taking a look at agent Emily Keyes from the L. Perkins Agency. I had the pleasure of meeting and pitching to her at the summer 2012 PNWA conference.

What is Emily’s background in publishing? Emily graduated from the NYU Publishing program. Previously, she was a contracts administrator at Simon & Schuster and a writer at The World Almanac. Right now she is the contracts & foreign rights manager at the L. Perkins Agency. About a year ago she started looking to grow her own list.

What is she interested in accepting for her list? She told us she has a deep love for young adult and middle grade. She particularly loves authors like Deb Caletti and Christina Chen. She delves into non-fiction briefly with a few memoirs.

Why does she think you need an agent? “If you want to continue selling and growing you should talk to an agent.”

What does she think about self-publishing? It’s all well and good, but if you sell over 100,000 and then talk to an agent, they can’t sell it. The book has reached its market saturation. It is better to contact an agent about your next book and say, “Look how well I did on my last book.”

What is her advice to new writers? “Do be friendly and have good energy.” Also, “Be positive.”

Do you want to query? Send an EMAIL ONLY, with a brief synopsis, author bio, and the first five pages of your MS. Please read the agency guidelines first-   

Would you like to know more? Check out the L.Perkins Agency website at

You can also find Emily on Twitter at @esc_key or read her blog at


  1. Emily's on my list to query when I get that far. Thanks for reminding me about her.