Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Peter Lynch- editor Sourcebooks

It’s time for inside the publishing world Wednesday and today I’m taking a look at Peter Lynch, the editorial manager at Sourcebooks. Peter has worked for Sourcebooks for the last nine years, and I had the opportunity to meet him at this year’s summer PNWA conference.

What does he acquire? He acquires up to 30 books per year, over a variety of subjects. He works in both adult fiction and non-fiction. In the fiction realm he likes historical fiction and commercial women’s fiction. In the non-fiction department he likes humor, reference, memoir, history, self-help, parenting, and many more.

What does he think about self-publishing? He says, “The stigma is gone.” However, he tells writers to be careful, because there might have been a good reason your book wasn’t picked up by a publisher.

What does he think about the future of books and publishing? He says, “Everything changes. We just don’t know the specifics of how it will shake out.” The good news, he points out, is that, “people are still reading and reading more.”

Regarding publishing, he says the role of the publisher and author have switched. “Publishers used to let some authors in. Now authors go to the publishers for what they specifically need.”

What does he think about writing trends? He told us, “We don’t know why things take off. Write what you’re passionate about.”

Will he take a look at an unagented MS? Yes.

Any specific don’ts? Don’t follow up your query or manuscript a day later saying, “I found a typo, can I send you a new copy?”

Also, don’t send copy emails or cc’s. Send one email to each person and specifically address them.

How do you submit? You need to email (no hard copies anymore!) to, but first check out their submission guidelines here They usually respond in 8-10 weeks.

For more info about Sourcebooks-

You can follow Peter on Twitter at @Peter_Lynch

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