Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Wondla Series by Tony DiTerlizzi

 I discovered a great middle grade fantasy series at the Summer SCBWI conference, it is the Wondla series by Tony DiTerlizzi. I read both books quick as a wink. Some spoilers are involved.

The first book, The Search for Wondla, focuses on young Eva Nine, a girl who has been raised in an underground bunker by a robot mother. Everyday Eva practices skills so that when she final goes up on land, she will be able to survive.

One fateful day, the bunker is attacked and Eva is forced above ground early. She struggles to survive, because the world above is completely different than what she'd learned about, and she seems to be the only human alive, amongst multiple alien species.

Book two, A Hero For Wondla, just came out in May, 2012. The story picks up right were it left off, with Eva Nine learning about the existence of other humans. But, what should be a welcome homecoming turns into a nightmare, and Eva is forced to choose between her new alien friends and the humans.

My Thoughts- These two books are amazing. The author uses large pictures to begin every chapter, reminiscent of old time story books. The stories themselves are full of action, adventure, and mystery. I read the first book in one night because I was so drawn into the story of who Eva was, why there were no other humans, and what happened to Earth, if that's where she was.

I love the different type's of aliens that Tony created. They are all new and fresh, with strange attributes and interesting ways of life. They all feel a deep connection to the planet, and all live in strange harmony with it. Of course, there are also the bad aliens, ones who want to capture and examine Eva.

Book 2 brings up a common theme I find in lots of sci-fi/fantasy lately. The idea that the aliens are the good guys and the evil humans are there to take over the world. I'm getting a little tired of that plot. However, Eva's journey into the human city, and her escape are very interesting. Plus, we find out about the spirit of the planet, and learn just how special Eva Nine is.

I highly recommend these books to all readers. Middle graders will love them, and adults will be sucked in also. I can't wait for the next book.


  1. Thanks for sharing about this series Dorine. I've heard of it but haven't read it. I like the sci-fi aspect.

    1. You'll love it. Tony is an amazing writer.

  2. Hi Dorine,

    I wanted you to know that I nominated you for the Booker Award. Check out the details here:

    I'm really interested to see which books you pick :)


  3. I am a fan of this author and I did not know about this new set of books! I love the covers and the stories sound great (I had to read the start and end of your review- since you said there might be spoilers). :) I cannot wait to start these! Thanks for the review.

  4. WONDLA has been on my TBR pile forever. Then the sequel came out and I still hadn't started the first one. Kept wondering if I would like it or not. You make it sound terrific, Dorine. Can't believe you read it in one night! It looks long.