Monday, September 24, 2012

Audition and Subraction by Amy Fellner Dominy

Welcome to the Worst Blog Tour Ever!

Audition & Subtraction, the newest tween novel by Amy Fellner Dominy (OyMG), has just been released.  Amy is celebrating by sharing her WORSTmoments of middle school.  (Why should her characters suffer alone?) In fact, Amy invites you to share your memories too—with a chance to turn your angst into prizes.  At the end of the tour, Amy will be giving away 2 PRIZE PACKS, each with a signed hardcover of Audition & Subtraction, book goodies and a $10 iTunes giftcard. 

Follow along each day for a new WORST at some of the very BEST blogs:
Mon, Sept 17: A Thousand Wrongs: Worst Best Friend Moment
Tues, Sept 18: Mundie Kids: Worst Dance Memory
Wed, Sept 19: I Read Banned Books: Worst School Picture
Thur, Sept 20: The Story Siren: Worst Crush Comedown
Fri, Sept 21:  Books 4 Learning: Worst Injury in a School Activity
Sat, Sept22: Cari's Book Blog: Worst Beauty Makeover Idea
Mon, Sept 24: The Write Path: Worst Band Uniform
Tues, Sept25: Amy Fellner Dominy: Best Thing That Came From My Worst Experiences  (PLUS—winners announced!!)


For as long as Tatum can remember it’s been:

Tatum + Lori = Best friends

They do everything together, including a yearly clarinet/flute duet for District Honor Band auditions. But when a new boy transfers to their middle school and their band, the equation suddenly changes to:

Lori + Michael – Tatum = One happy couple

With her best friend slipping away and her parents recently separated, Tatum’s life has turned upside down. Plus her good friend Aaron thinks that they are secretly boyfriend and girlfriend, all because of one little lie Tatum told. Accepting change isn’t easy for Tatum, but just how much is she willing to give up to hold on to her friendship with Lori and life as she knows it? For Tatum, the best way to move forward may require a whole new formula . . .


One of the main storylines in Audition & Subtraction revolves around school band and auditions for District Honor Band.  Anyone else out there play an instrument in school?  I admit that I did, and I LOVED it.
I started playing clarinet in elementary school and got pretty serious in middle school.  I didn’t stop there.  I played into high school and college!  Talk about a band geek—that was me. It’s not as if your coolness factor doesn’t suffer enough from carrying around an instrument case, but I took it to a whole nother level when I donned my first marching band uniform in high school.
Is there anything else quite so hideous? 
Maybe uniforms are better now but back in the 80s, they were the worst. Polyester.  Heavy.  Hot.  Sweaty.  We were the Padres (as if the mascot of a monk would send fear in to the hearts of our competitors), and so our uniforms were brown.  Like mud.  Even worse:  They were topped off (literally) by a ginormous furry hat.  
Share your band uniform memories.  Were you in the marching band?  Can you remember your school colors and mascot—can anyone top the Padres for wimpiness? Be sure to leave a comment and earn as many entries as you can for your chance to win a Prize Pack.  


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  1. What a great idea for the blog tour for the book. Loving that uniform too!

    - Jessica @ Book Sake

    1. I know, isn't it great!Amy did a good job linking things together.

  2. Love this blog tour! Thanks for sharing the band uniform photo. I can't even imagine what it was like to wear that on a warm day. :)