Sunday, September 9, 2012

Oh No! series by Mac Barnett

I found a picture book last year that I feel in love with, and then at this year's summer SCBWI conference I saw a sequel. I grabbed it fast. These picture books are amazing.

 Oh No! or How My Science Project Destroyed the World and Oh No! Not Again or How I Built a Time Machine to Save History or at least My History Grade by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Dan Santat, are the cream of the crop.

The first book focuses on a girl who wants to win a science project contest. So, she ends up building a killer robot that tries to take out the world. Luckily a mutant frog comes to the rescue.

The second book brings back the same girl who is disappointed she didn't get an A on history paper. So what does she do? She builds a time machine and goes back to plant evidence. Only, two cavemen steal her machine and change the history of the world. So funny, I just love the quirkiness of these stories, and the illustrations are SUPERB!

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