Thursday, October 18, 2012

Book Review- Nightingale by David Farland

Welcome to this stop on the Nightingale Blog Tour. For my part I am doing a review of this new YA paranormal.

The Story-
 Bron was given away at birth and grew up in a bunch of foster homes. He tries his best, but is always getting shifted around. Then, he gets place with Olivia, a theater teacher at a charter school near St. George, Utah, and things change.

Olivia knows secrets about Bron's true heritage. She knows that he isn't really human, that instead he is a nightingale, a child placed among humans at birth to be raised by them, and then claimed by his true people when he is older. But, Bron was never claimed, and Olivia wants to know why.

Bron learns that his people are divided in two. Olivia's kind seek to preserve memories and the histories of mankind. The other kind seek to destroy civilization and murder humans. Bron needs to find out who his parents were and where he fits into the scheme of things.

My Thoughts- 
This is a fun story that has a typical premise, but fresh writing. We have the young orphan with special powers. Two sides are fighting over him, and he most learn to develop his powers and choose the side he wants to join.

I was looking for a lot more action. Often times it seemed that this book was just setting up the scene for future editions. I wanted things to happen, things to move, but we spend most of the time  out in the desert hiding from the bad guys. Things pick up at the end, and Bron is finally able to learn about his people and discover who his parents are. Then, he takes decisive action.

I liked the special powers that Farland creates for this story. The Ael are able to read and change people's memories by placing their suction cupped fingers on people's heads. They are also able to pass on skills and history to other people, continuing the culture and talents of lost scholars. The scary thing is that the bad guys also have a bit of this ability and use it to wipe people's minds clear, leaving the person an empty shell. Then, they fill that person's mind up with whatever they want to shove in there, basically destroying a person's soul.

The series has potential, and since this books ends on an upswing of action, I can only hope book 2 continues on in this vein.

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  1. Thanks for sharing about this Dorine. I've been seeing this book around and was curious about it.