Friday, October 26, 2012

Chasing the Skip by Janci Patterson

Today's book review is a YA fiction called Chasing the Skip by Janci Patterson.

The Story-
Ricki's mom has left her alone, not for the first time, but definitely the longest. So long, that Ricki's absentee dad is brought into the picture, and Ricki finds herself tagging along with him as he hunts down dead beats.

The life of a bounty hunter isn't all glitz and glamour. Ricki is dragged along as her dad chases Ian Burnham, a hot guy her age. She can't help but be attracted to the dark eyed stranger, but what if he is as bad as her daddy says?

My Thoughts-
I found the book interesting because of the bounty hunting, however, it just wasn't extremely exciting. Truth is  the book is more about the father and daughter relationship than anything else. Ricki has never spent time with her dad, and for all purposes he has only existed to pay child support. The road trip the two characters take is one of learning and growth. Both of them realizing that second chances are important.

Her dad doesn't chase down the really bad guys, so Ricki's not in any danger, and I didn't feel much plot tension. I think the most interesting question is, what happened to mom? It seemed strange to me that the dad wasn't more worried, and that Ricki didn't try harder to find her. Missing for a month? That's a long time. I'd be thinking mom was dead. We do find out what happened in the end, and it's pathetic, but it just sets up the obvious, that Ricki will stay with her dad.

The cover of the book hints at a teen romance, and that's what I expected, so when it didn't really emerge, I felt jilted. In all, the book is a good, simple read. It felt more upper middle grade than anything, and it really delves into the parent/child relationship. It is well written and does tell a tale I haven't read before, which is always a plus.

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