Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Renda Dodge- editor Pink Fish Press

Let’s get to know Editor Renda Dodge from Pink Fish Press. Renda is the owner and managing editor of Pink Fish, a publishing company based in Seattle, WA. It has been my pleasure to speak with Renda at several different writing conferences.

What is she looking for? She wants unique, well-written fiction and memoir. She believes that literature is art, and wants to share it with the world. She told us that in fact, if it’s good, she’ll look at anything.

Who is she looking for? Renda told us she wants to, “work with authors that love writing as much as we love reading.” She wants her authors to be passionate and excited about their writing.

She advises writers to take writing classes. You might have a good story, but you need to be able to tell her in an interesting way. So, take classes on writing craft and learn about settings and scenes.

What does she think about self-publishing? “Five years ago we were told it was bad. We won’t touch it.” But, now it is OK.

However, “you still have to put out a good book and take your craft seriously.”

Do you want to submit? Here are the details straight from the website

Pink Fish Press is currently accepting submissions for novel-length fiction and memoir.  We are reviewing manuscripts of all genres, but with a focus and special consideration on mainstream and literary fiction. However, keep in mind that we are looking for well-written works, regardless of genre, and we'd love to take a look at your work.
We accept manuscripts unsolicited, unagented and via email.

Please send the following information to
  • A short synopsis of your novel; please include genre, target audience, word count, and plot outline.
  • The first three chapters of your piece as an attachment (.doc, .rtf, or .odt please).
  • Any links to blogs, personal web-sites, etc. that will be used for promotion.
  • A small paragraph about yourself.
 We currently have a wait time of 8-12 weeks for responses to initial queries.

Her tip for queries- Be concise.


  1. What an excellent post! Redna provided great information for authors. I will pass this post on to my author friends. I know people will find this post helpful. :)

  2. Renda Dodge will be at the PNWA Writer's Conference in July, so I was researching to find out more about her. I am excited to be able to meet her soon and hope to get a chance to pitch my latest manuscript! Great info! Thanks, Marilyn White