Friday, November 16, 2012

Book Review- Toxic by Jus Accardo

Time for Toxic, book 2 in the Denazen series, by Jus Accardo. Published by Entangled, it is a YA paranormal.

The Story-
Dez is back and so is her superhot, but deadly boyfriend Kale. Alex is there too, trying to convince Dez that he’s worth a second chance. The catch? Dez’s immunity to Kale’s touch has worn off, and now they can’t touch without the chance of Dez turning into ashes.

All of the sixes( people with special powers) that are free are taking shelter in a hotel, hoping the people who work at Denazen, like Dez’s dad, don’t find them and turn them into experiments. The kids like Dez, who are under high guard, are forced to homeschool. Kale is paired up with a new girl, Jade, who is immune to his powers. Dez is shook up and terrified of losing her boyfriend. The only one she can confide in is her friend Kiernan, another six.

On top of everything, Dez knows that her time is running out. Soon she will turn 18 and like all the super sixes before her, she might go insane. Plus, she’s been infected with a life threatening virus, and the only person that can cure her works for Denazen Labs. Time is short- will Dez make it?

My Thoughts-
A great sequel. I wasn’t expecting the twist that Kale and Dez wouldn’t be able to touch. It adds lots of tension to the story. Plus there is Jade, the new girl. As a reader you don’t know what to think of her. She’s definitely after Kale, but is she also a spy?

The author does a great job with red herrings about the spy. We know somebody is leaking intel, but whom? There are all sorts of clues, but when I found out who it was, I couldn’t believe it. Good writing.

And then we have the ending. I have to say that by then I was really ticked at Kale’s Grandma, but the end made me pissed. You’ll have to read to see. It does set up book 3 really well, and the tension level is high. This is a good series to put on your paranormal list- sort of an X-men mix.

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