Friday, November 9, 2012

Ebook active fiction- Arcania by Liz Maverick

I have a different type of review today, it’s still a book review, but it’s for an eBook app. I was hunting through the apps on my Nook and came across one called Arcania- Trial by Fire by Liz Maverick. It looked so interesting I just had to buy it.

So, Arcania is what Nook calls an “active fiction” book. According to them, “it’s more like a TV series, where the characters and stories evolve and grow.” Some of you might already be familiar with this type of story, but it is totally new to me. I just got my Nook Tablet last week J It is sort of like a choose your own adventure, but more detailed and flowing.

The author uses choices that the readers make to affect scenarios in the next installment. So, instead of there being just one story line, there can be multiple scenarios.

The Story-
 Adia Hawkins is solely responsible for her two younger sisters, what with her mom and dad and twin sister Lara off fighting the evil Synelv. Magic runs in the family, only Adia got the short end of the stick, so she’s stuck on Earth raising her sisters and watching to see if they develop powers.

Everything changes when Adia’s sister Lara dies in battle and all of her magic is transferred to Adia. Suddenly Adia is forced to leave Earth and travel to Arcania, where she is thrust into a school with people way more advanced than she is, and guess what? She has to learn everything super fast or people could die.

My thoughts- 
The story is great. I read it straight to the end and then bought book 2, Dark Fuel. The whole mystery surrounding Lara’s death haunts Adia, and no one will tell her what really happened. Then there is Grey, the strong, yet sulking dude, who “let” Lara die. Adia can’t figure him out, and he seems to hate her. Too bad she’s totally attracted to him.

Regarding the parts where the reader is supposed to make a choice, there were only two. Kind of lame. I was hoping for more. Plus, they didn’t really have any relevance to the story. Who cares if Adia offends a school colleague on Earth? I felt a bit jipt.  So, as an interactive story I give it a low score. But, it redeems itself in the plot category.

My one concern is how many parts of the book are they going to make? The first book is good, but a quick read. The second book then cost me, I think, $3.99. It’s an even better read, with somewhat better interaction, but how many will I have to buy? It could end up costing way too much money, more than a new hardcover.

I’m excited to see where this series goes. The ending of part 2 is shocking, and I can’t wait to see what the author does with the choice people make.

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