Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Journey...8 months in

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Last Monday I received an email from my publisher Cedar Fort that simply read: Cover. I yelled out for my husband and clicked on the email, my heart racing in my chest.

The joy that filled me was indescribable. An artist had rendered a full color cover of my book,The Emerald Ring! I think I clapped and may have hooted, but it's all a bit blurry. (lol.) There was a note attached telling me not to share the image, because it might not be the final artwork. Then I was asked what I thought.

 An Egyptian vibe just oozed off the book, and a great picture of an Egyptian black cat and an emerald were prominent. I quickly responded that I loved it- all 5's in my opinion. I then printed the image out so I could look at it as we rushed out the door for Thanksgiving break.

When we returned home one of the first things I did was check my email. And wouldn't you know it, there was a response. I happily clicked on the icon and almost laughed. A new cover image looked back at me, completely different in every aspect from the previous.  The board had decided on a more middle grade feel for the cover art. I was just so excited to see another rendition of the images from my mind that I offered my suggestions and sent off my response.

I so wish I could show you both covers, but as stated in  the previous emails, they might not be final (though the second one will cover my advanced reading copies). I am floating on air and can't wait to reveal my final cover. Things are getting exciting as the publication process begins to race along. Yippee!

Oh- and FYI- last night I finished two more chapters from book 3- The Diamond Looking Glass.


  1. Awesome that you're getting closer to a cover reveal. How exciting!

  2. I'm so proud of you, Dorine!!! Hey everyone! That's my sis!

  3. It's cool they are asking for feedback and even making a second version. I remember being handed a copy of one of my first books (I actually worked at the publisher where it was done) and they hadn't even asked me about it even though I worked a few desks away. And it was a terrible cover. I had all kinds of options for them if they had just asked. I'm happy you had such a good experience.

    1. I know. I've heard horror stories from other authors. I'm surprised they didn't ask you, being only a couple desks away.

  4. Congratulations! That must be so exciting!!