Friday, November 2, 2012

The Bar Code Prophecy by Suzanne Weyn- Book Review

The Bar Code Prophecy, by Suzanne Weyn, is the third and final book in The Bar Code Series.

The Story- 
This book revolves around 16 year old Grace Morrow. She is excited to turn seventeen and get her bar code tattoo, especially now that it is considered “safe” and no longer stores genetic information that companies can use to hire/fire/exile you. On the day of her birthday, she makes her appointment, and despite others misgivings, she goes ahead with the tattoo.

But, things go wrong, and Grace ends up fleeing the building in shock, arriving home to find her family has disappeared and agents of Global 1 are waiting at her door. Grace runs, and is taken into safety with a group of par cour teenagers, known as Decode.

Now considered a part of the rebel forces, Grace discovers some awful truths about her own family and learns the secret behind the bar code tattoos. Plus, she has a strange feeling that mother nature is not happy with what’s been happening, and Global 1 is about to pass the mark of no return.

My Thoughts-
 I’ve enjoyed this entire series. The idea that a bar code can take the place of all identification doesn’t seem so far fetched. Plus, the huge conspiracies that result are diabolical.

This third book takes things to a new level. We meet the Decode team, and learn about their resistance movements in the city. The author also brings back some old favorite characters from the first book. The underlying sub story is that of a prophecy passed down through time, to many Native American nations. This prophecy reveals an end of the world scenario, but the Decode team only has one half of the prophecy. So, we get a great hunt included to find the other half.

I enjoyed the story, the premise and the characters. You really need to read this third book. The ending is incredible.

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