Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Editor Peter Lynch- Sourcebooks

For Inside the Publishing World Wednesday, let’s get to know Editor Peter Lynch from Sourcebooks. I met Peter at the 2012 PNWA summer conference.

Currently Peter is the Editorial Manager at Sourcebooks Inc., where he has worked for nine years. He acquires and develops 20-30 books per year, across a variety of subjects. His interests include adult fiction, more specifically, historical and women’s fiction, and nonfiction. He likes parenting, history, memoir, self-help, reference, humor, and college/study aids.

If children’s books are your thing, he will help hook you up with the right person, but my suggestion is to do your research and query that specific editor.

Peter is interested in working with authors who are self-motivated and are willing to publicize their own books in unique ways.

One of his pet peeves- Don’t follow up a submission a day later saying, “Oops, I found a typo, can I send you a new copy?”

Another peeve, don’t send him a query that is part of a list of copy emails.

His advice to writers, “Write what you’re passionate about. We don’t know why things take off.”

What does he think about the future of publishing? He told us, “Everything changes. We just don’t know the specifics on how it will shake out. People are still reading and they’re reading more. Publishers used to let some authors in, now it has switched, and authors go to the publishers for their specific needs.”

What does he think about self-publishing? He told us, “The Stigma is gone. Good books are available all the time. But, maybe there’s a reason yours wasn’t published.”

To submit- (fiction)

“The body of the email should be your query, which should contain: the genre of the book, approximate word count, a short (150 words or so) pitch, and any writing credentials (memberships to organizations, awards, quotes from other authors, etc.)
  • Email the full manuscript in an attached WORD document.  Please include your contact info within that document; and if the work is agented, please have agent info as well.
  • Always include a synopsis (that goes all the way to the end of the book) in a separate attachment and complete bio, including a list of any and all previous titles with sales history

Material can be sent to Please allow 8-12 weeks for a response.  We do accept unagented submissions; however, those with agents will receive priority.”
To submit (nonfiction)-

“In order to consider your nonfiction book for potential publication, we need to see a proposal that includes the following items:
  • A brief synopsis in 1-2 paragraphs
  • Author bio or resume specifying credentials and publication credits, if any
  • A complete table of contents, plus estimated length of manuscript in words and pages
  • Two to three sample chapters (not the first)
  • A description of the target audience
  • One page/paragraph on your book's unique advantages
  • A list of competing or comparable titles and how your book differs
Please do not send complete manuscripts unless a specific request is made for one. Queries only and simultaneous submissions are OK.
Please email your proposal to”

For more information check out the Sourcebooks website at .

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