Friday, December 7, 2012

Terminal Blend by Lori Pescatore

I am back to review the exciting concluding book in The Blend Trilogy, Terminal Blend, by Lori Pescatore.

The Story-
 Julie is alive and reeling with her new found power, carnage. She has the ability to kill with a thought, but at what price? She needs to control her powers, or she might kill innocents. However, time is running out, and the Blends learn that their great enemy is on its way to Earth, ready to kill all humans and destroy the Earthlings that protect it.

Julie struggles with training, and at the same time her personal life takes a hard twist. Her boyfriend Austin, the first Human/Earthling/Blend mix becomes distant, and Julie worries that another might be influencing him. Then there is doctor Eli, the handsome Earthling that makes Julies heart beat out of control. And don’t forget Marcus, the blend with Lure, the power to seduce whomever he wants.

As supernatural creatures come out of the wood works, Julie soon discovers that the people she trusts the most have been lying to her and that she must decide what role in the upcoming battle she wants to play.

My Thoughts-
 I’ve loved this entire trilogy. The writing is so fresh and the characters are creative. Plus, the author has a natural flare for the romantic/sensual side of things. Julie is a great heroine. She fights for the ones she loves and does her best to be truthful to herself and others.  As she learns more about her powers, her character evolves and we see her struggle with the ability to kill. Something she finds hideous.

The love triangle has existed since book one and the tension just keeps building. I loved every twist and turn. Doctor Eli brings an interesting perspective to the story. Through him we learn about the planet the Blends originally came from, and that Earth has a sister planet. We even get to travel to that world and watch as he faces some tough decisions.

I recommend the entire trilogy. Good job Lori!

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