Monday, December 10, 2012

Book Review- The Fire Chronicle by John Stephens

The Fire Chronicle, book 2 of The Books of Beginnings, written by John Stephens, is now in stores!

The Story- 
We take up where The Emerald Atlas left off. We find that the wizard Pym has hidden the children at an orphanage, hoping they’ll be safe, while he sets off on a mysterious journey. Unfortunately, they aren’t safe for long, and during a battle, Kate is sent spinning back 100 years into the past. Michael and Emma are saved at the last minute by Pym, and continue on with him to find the second book of beginnings.

Back in the past, Kate finds herself in New York City, before the time of the great magical split, a time of violence against all magic and magical creatures. There she falls for a young man leading a group of magical orphans.

Kate is stuck in the past, unless Michael and Emma can find the second book before he Dire Magus, and use its powers to bring her home. But, will she leave her new found love behind?

My Thoughts-
 Another home run. This book is action packed. You start off with the attack on the orphanage and keep on going. Kate’s storyline in the past is simple, with a little romance thrown in. The reader does not recognize the seriousness of her time journey until the end of the book. A well done twist from the author.

The exciting story is the journey of Michael and Emma as they hunt for the second book, the book of the dying. It turns out to be a really creepy book with a major painful side-affect when used. We get to visit graveyards, fairy lands, and fight with a dragon. All fun and adventurous activities.

I can’t wait for the third book in the series, especially now that I know how Kate’s time traveling has added a very unexpected development to the story.


  1. THE FIRE CHRONICLE was one of my favorite books from this year!! I loved the twist in Kate's storyline as well, but I think Michael became my favorite character in this book. (In THE EMERALD ATLAS, my favs were Emma and Gabriel.)

    1. Yeah, I'm glad you liked it. That twist with Kate is something else. Can't wait for the next book.