Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cedar Fort, Inc- Publisher

For Inside The Publishing World Wednesday, I am taking a look at my own publisher, Cedar Fort, Inc. Every time I tell someone that I am being published, they ask "with who"? When I say Sweet Water Books, an Imprint of Cedar Fort, they look at me with a blank face. So, I've decided it is my task to get my publisher out there in the media :)

Who are Cedar Fort Books? They are a publisher in Springville, UT. They publish a wide range of books from fiction to non fiction, religious to cookbooks, children's to adult. They own several imprints including: CFI, Council Press, Bonneville Books, Horizon, Salt Press, King Dragon Press, Sweet Water Press. Each year Cedar Fort publishes 144 books, and many of those are by first-time authors. At the same time, they also love to see books from established authors. They are one of the largest book publishers in Utah. Cedar Fort's products are distributed to several outlets such as: Deseret Book, Seagull Book, Barnes and Noble,, HMS Host, Books-A-Million and many, many, more.

"It is the mission of Cedar Fort, Inc., to gather and develop life-enhancing and inspiring ideas and products and convey them to our customers in the most professional, friendly, and timely manner while providing for our families." -

Cedar Fort has a large LDS department that publishes books aimed at a Mormon audience. However, the Sweet Water Imprint, the one publishing my book, is the imprint aimed at fiction. Sweet Water publishes scores of books every month in children's, YA and adult fiction.

Looking to submit? Check out their fiction guidelines HERE. They prefer hard copies to email, but will look at both. There is also a manuscript submissions form they ask you to include with all queries.

Who will be looking at the submissions at Sweet Water? Well- straight from their facebook page

As the acquisitions editor and fearless team leader, we've got Angie Workman!
Cleaning up those typos and unnecessary commas, the gal with the potent red pen... copy editor Melissa Caldwell!
The lady in the middle, an award-winning cover designer like no other... Angela Olsen!
And the newest member of the team... assistant acquisitions editor, Justin Kelly!
Oh, and the marketing guy... Kelly Martinez.

What not to submit to Cedar Fort? "We rarely take biographies, autobiographies, or memoirs unless they have a very strong selling point. We do not publish poetry."

Want more information about the types of books they publish? Please check out the Cedar Fort website HERE.


  1. I have heard of your publishing company, but it was great to learn more about them! Thanks for sharing. :)


  2. I've read several middle grade books published by Cedar Fort and loved them. It's good to learn more about them. Thanks.

  3. So glad you've heard of them. Please help spread the word.