Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Diversion Press

Let's take a look at Diversion Press. They publish hardcover, trade and mass market paperback originals.

Who are they?

"Diversion Press has been in business since 2008. We are a small publisher looking for quality books.We are a traditional publisher and DO NOT accept pay from authors to publish their works.
We review all proposals, approximately 125 per month, and select books that seem to have the best fit with our goals and interests. We have published books ranging from children's, young adult, history, non-fiction, and poetry."- website.

What do they want and not want?

Horror Shorts
These are DP collections from various authors.   We do not publish collections of poetry or shorts from single authors.
Academic Books:
We are interested in academic works on 20th and 21st century history, current events, international relations, and military history. 
Academic Supplements and Encyclopedias: 
Please send us proposals for essay collections to accompany college classes or any other academic supplement that you are considering writing and editing for classroom use.  We are also interested in encyclopedias and dictionaries for high school, college, and general readership. 
We are interested in a limited number of novels on the topics of  mystery, horror, and suspense.
Middle Grade Books:
We are interested in middle grade books.  Please query or send a proposal.
 We Will NOT Publish
Please note that we will not accept works that are sexually explicit, put children in a bad light, are extremely violent, or heavily religious or anti-religious.  This is true for any of the above book categories.
We are also not interested in Western's, Romance, and have limited interested in Science Fiction. "- website.

Regarding non-fiction, "The editors have doctoral degrees and are interested in a broad range of academic works."
In regards to fiction, "We will happily consider any children's or young adult books if they are illustrated."

DP Tips for getting published-

1. Be Patient
2. Be familiar with submission guidelines
3. Be professional
4. Ask questions
5. Know what DP publishes
6. Know what they don't publish
7. Understand their fiscal policies
8. Know their marketing policies and be ready to help

Interested in submitting?
Please check out their submission guidelines here.

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