Friday, March 8, 2013

Doomed by Tracy Deebs

For YA Friday I am taking a look at Doomed, a YA thriller by Tracey Deebs.

The Story-
Pandora lives alone with her mom, when her mom is around. But, she always thinks about her long last father. So, on her 17th birthday, when she receives an email from her dad, she opens it. Inside are 12 photos of her as a child and a link to play a game. Unable to resist, Pandora clicks the link, and Armageddon begins.

The link unleashes a virus that plunges the entire world into the dark ages. Soon, the law is after Pandora, believing she caused the nightmare, but Pandora knows it was really her dad. She teams up with her neighbors, stepbrothers Eli and Theo, to follow the clues in the 12 photos her father sent her. At the same time, Pandora must continue to play the game she originally signed into, or the world will end. Can she find her father? Will she beat the game?

My Thoughts-

A very fast paced thriller filled with action and hints of romance. First we have Pandora, she is virtually ignored by her mother, and craves the love she believes is missing from her father. This lack of love is what leads Pandora to open her father's email even though her mother has told her not to have any contact with her dad. She should have listened.

We have Theo and Eli, stepbrothers who are at odds with each other, but who have survival training and help Pandora escape the FBI. Pandora is attracted to both of them, and a small love triangle develops. The romance makes a great sub plot. We follow Pandora as she learns more about each boy and eventually decides which one to choose.

About the dystopian aspect, loved it. We see everything collapse from the very beginning. Which I think is cool. Too many books start up years after the catastrophe, but I like the havoc in the beginning. We get to see the struggle of everyday people as they slowly come to terms with no electricity or services. And, (SPOILER) things progress to such a point that the reader knows even if Pandora beats the game, major parts of the planet are ruined.

Now for the dad. This is a character to really hate, and the author does a great job involving a character that we never meet until the last few pages. In the beginning, I kept thinking that there had to be some kind of mistake. What kind of person would orchestrate the things that happen. By the end of the book, I was astonished by what time of man the author fully portrayed. The final decision of Pandora is right on. Good for the author to not soften the blow.

I think teens will love this book. It has great sci-fi elements and a romance, plus a cyberworld.

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