Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Chronicles of Egg Blog Tour

Welcome to Stop #3 on The Chronicles of Egg Blog Tour! Today  author Geoff Rodkey talks about one of the more unusual characters in the first book Deadweather and Sunrise, Percy.  Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of this post for a great giveaway where you can enter to win book 1 and the Advanced Reading Copy of Book 2, New Land


            Deadweather Island--the filthy, muggy, pirate-and-volcano infested home of Deadweather and Sunrise's 13-year-old hero Egg Masterson--isn't exactly known for its top-notch school system. So it's no wonder that Egg's father, Hoke, has to advertise on neighboring islands to find a tutor who will educate his three kids.
            Unfortunately for Egg and his siblings, the only tutor crazy (or desperate) enough to live on Deadweather is Percy--the lazy, slovenly, mean-spirited owner of 137 books he's never bothered to read. But Percy's ignorance doesn't stop him from filling his charges' heads with no end of facts, all of them spectacularly wrong:
            "Percy, where does wind come from?"
            "A hole in the sky."
            "Where's the hole?"
            (points) "Right over there."
            "Why can't I see it?"
            "Because it's sky-colored, isn't it? Blends right in. Don't ask stupid questions, child."
            "Why is seawater salty?"
            "Fish poop."
            "How do you multiply a fraction?"
            "You can't."
            "Why not?"
            "It'll break."
            "Do horses ever eat people?"
            "Constantly. Now leave me alone, boy. I'm trying to nap."
            Fortunately, by the time Egg's father takes the family on a mysterious errand to glamorous Sunrise Island, he's managed to read all 137 of Percy's books by himself, so he knows a few things.
            And that's all to the good--because someone's trying to kill Egg, and he'll need every bit of smarts he's got to figure out why.

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