Monday, April 29, 2013

Interview and Giveaway with Adam Glendon Sidwell- The Buttersmiths' Gold

Welcome to this stop for the middle grade novel, The Buttersmiths' Gold, the companion novel of Evertaster. On today's blog I have an interview with author Adam Glendon Sidwell and links to a $50 Amazon gift card giveaway! To enter, fill out the rafflecopter form below. If you don't see it, click 'read more'. You can read my review of the 1st book, Evertaster, HERE.

Hi Adam!
1.) How does The Buttersmiths' Gold pick up from Evertaster? Oh, I am glad you asked! The Buttersmiths' Gold is a companion novella in the Evertaster series. I guess you could call it Evertaster #1.2, since it's not quite a sequel. Nor is it a prequel. It's just a funquel, which means I just wrote the book because I love Storfjell and Torbjorn, and so do the readers, so I gave them their own story.

 2,) Was it harder to write a sequel? This one was harder in that it was a new setting and time period - Norway during the Viking Age. I had to find a tone that would fit the new world, without betraying the tone of the original Evertaster. Vikings can be barbaric, and when you're writing for that time period, you feel the pull of Middle Earth and High Elves and Mordor. But that's not really what Evertaster is about, so the challenge was to find a blending of the two worlds, while still being true to Torbjorn's and Storfjell's story. Guster doesn't actually show up in this book, though he is discussed. The Buttersmiths' Gold does strengthen the main storyline in Evertaster and lends clues and background to Guster's quest. The part about writing this book that was easier is that Torbjorn and Storfjell already existed in my mind, including much of their backstory, so this book just sprang to life!

 3.) What are your promotion plans? I'll continue touring and visiting schools and having book signings. There are some great launch parties happening in California for Buttersmiths' Gold. We're going to throw a raucous one in Modesto, with Vikings and bovines and maybe even some rock 'n' roll. If you want to come, here's the invite: I'll also be touring next year, so if you'd like to arrange a visit for your school or book group, email

 4.)What inspired you to become a writer? I like making up stuff. I also have this incessant need to create. That's why I started with movies and animating in the first place. Before that, and since it's been drawing, sculpting, and now building a business. I just like making stuff -- and writing is the cheapest, most efficient way to get something done! I don't need anyone to fund my writing -- I can just do it, and I love that! It's given me opportunities to meld the realms of film and writing, like when I worked with Fuse Engine to create this: (here's the embed code for the blog):

5.) What was your road to publication like? Rough. Everyone has a different story. My agent got the top publishers in the business to read Evertaster. And they liked it! Only thing was, they were hesitant about publishing a 'food' book. "What about an 'adventure' book?" I thought. So ultimately, when my agent suggested that I do it myself instead of going to a small press, I turned around and took the bull by the horns and haven't looked back since. One of the best decisions I've ever made. And now you can see Evertaster in bookstores, on your Kindle, on your iPad, and all over the place.

 6.) Any advice for aspiring writers? Just do it! Revise your book 6 or 7 times, then go for it. Don't get caught up for years on the same manuscript. Get it done, run the submission rounds, then find a home for that -- even if you publish it yourself. You've got to get your work out there and start to connect with readers -- or else you'll never complete the circle. It's like talking to a blank wall for years. You can't do that. You have to get your work read so people can start talking back. That's why we create!

 Thanks Dorine! Lovely to be here on your blog.
Thanks Adam :)

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