Friday, May 10, 2013

Book Review- Edge of Truth by Natasha Hanova

For YA Friday I am taking a look at the upcoming release, Edge of Truth, by Natasha Hanova. Pulished by Sapphire Star Publishing, it is a YA Dystopian that releases this summer.

The Story-
Sixteen-year old Rena Moon lives in a walled city controlled by an Overlord. The Overlord uses robotic Synbot's to control the people and make sure his strict laws are enforced. Rena wants to do more than work herself into old age, and plans on making herself rich selling wares at Market.

Rena's hopes grow when she and her best friend Blaze find a hidden cache of old world items in the forbidden lands. But, when they try to sell their treasure, Blaze is kidnapped and tortured.

Rena turns to her secret crush, Nevan, to help her find Blaze. As the two grow close, Rena is forced to tell him her secret, that she can feel vibrations in the earth and cause earthquakes. Being "Other" is a crime, and Rena fears for her life. Luckily, Nevan knows all about secrets because his little sister has a power of her own.

Can Rena and Nevan find Blaze before it is too late? and stay out of the Overlord's hands?

My Thoughts-

This is a great action filled YA dystopian. I love the world that Natasha builds. From what I can tell, the people believe the Overlord's lies that life outside their wall is desolate. Rena finds out otherwise, but the Overlord's half trues keep the people in bondage. Rena's world is one in which you burn to death if you're outside in the afternoon sun. Ouch, so of course the people believe the Overlord.

There is also an allusion to the fact that the Overland might be capturing people with "Other" powers. Unfortunately, this scenario doesn't play out in this book, and I'm wondering if maybe there is a sequel.

Rena is a wonderful character full of spunk and ambition. She is not content with the status quo, and is willing to work hard to make it to the top. The beginning of the book is fun, as we watch Rena stalk Nevan, a drummer, afraid to tell him how she feels.

I think readers will enjoy this book. It mixes the dystopian world with paranormal powers, two things I love.

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