Friday, June 14, 2013

Fuse by Julianna Baggott

Welcome to YA Friday. Today I am looking at book 2 in the Pure Trilogy- Fuse by Julianna Baggott.
The Story-
 Partridge is living outside the Dome, but his father wants him back. To accomplish this, his father begins kidnapping people that live in the waste lands and making them "pure". The problem is that this quick transformation also causes the DNA to break down and lives to be shortened into months. His evil dad also sends out robotic spiders that attach themselves onto the skin and are linked to an explosive. If Partridge doesn't turn himself in, his dad will kills thousands of people.

Pressia is on a quest of her own. Together with Bradwell, she is trying to uncover the secrets of 7 black boxes that might hold the cure to the DNA breakdown problem. But, the answers lie across the planet, and in a world where everything has been destroyed, how will they get there?

My Thoughts-

A great sequel! This story, like the first, is told from several points of view, but it works. We see Partridge torn from his love, Lyda, and forced to return to the dome where his evil father awaits. Lyda is left with the Mothers, learning to survive in the post-apocalyptic world. Then we have El Capitan, who will do anything for Pressia. And of course, Pressia and Bradwell as their relationship builds and they are forced to journey into the unknown. All of the stories are well developed and the characters ring true. Seeing the story from different angles brought great depth to Baggott's vision of a messed up world.

Love the mystery of the black boxes. Pressia and Bradwell hunt down clues that require thinking and ability, plus, their final destination catapults the story into a new direction, with huge transformations. I also like the differences between Bradwell and Pressia. Pressia wants to be pure, and thinks that finding the cure will solve all of her problems. Bradwell, however, is content the way he is, and doesn't want to change. There is great tension in this division.

Another fun adventure is Partridge's journey back into the dome where he is brainwashed and forced to live a lie. Again, great tension and a good strong plot.

Can't wait for book 3.

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