Monday, June 10, 2013

Shadow Chaser by Jerel Law

For middle grade Monday I am taking a look at the third Son of Angels book, Shadow Chaser, by Jerel Law. For my review of book two, Fire Prophet, click here.

The Story:
Jonah, Eliza and Jeremiah Stone are back at the convent for angel school. They took a bit of a break after their last adventure, but now it is time to return. As the kids take up training, Jonah learns that he has a new skill, prophesying. He also begins to break out in huge, painful boils.

As the boils begin to cover his body, Jonah gets stressed. Soon, the boils begin to effect his training and he falls out of first place in school. Things get worse when mid-terms are announced, and there will be a live action exam.

Jonah tries to prove himself, but instead he leads everyone head-on into Abaddon's clutches. His friends are seriously injured, and he is to blame. What more can go wrong? How about a terrible illness that strikes his mother.

My Thoughts:

 I really like this series. It is a great way to team up action, morals, and Christian beliefs. Right away I knew something was going on with Jonah, the funny thing is that the full angels seem to know it too, but don't say anything. When the boils break out, I immediately thought of Job, from the Bible. The cool thing about the story, is that even though Jonah's friends are placed in situations to lead them away from Jonah's friendship, they stay true and stay faithful.

There are two great fight scenes involving Abaddon's fallen angels. The author does a great job wrenching up the tension and creating new villains for the children to face. The final battle scene is a part of the mid-term exam. The challenges that Jonah faces are meant to test his faith. Plus, there is a tragedy that strikes home. I knew someone would have to die, just like in the real story of Job, I just wasn't sure whom. The author's pick makes sense, but is sad. You really feel attached to the Stone family, and are invested in their outcomes.

Two points though, the first, there is a great scene where Jonah shares a prophesy. The description of how it makes him feel physically is great. However, it happens at the beginning of the story, and then never again. I think there should have been some follow through.

The second thing I noticed was that when the book ended, I felt like the story was not finished. Unlike book two, where there is a complete beginning, middle and end, I felt like this book cut off right before the real ending should have been. I know it will continue on in the next book, but I like whole stories.

I highly recommend this middle grade series. It is action packed, but with Christian overtones.


  1. Oh interesting. I've read a couple of middle grade adventures with Christian values tied in. I really like them, as long as they don't get too preachy. I like whole stories, too. I hate it when books end in weird places.

    1. It is not preachy, but is thoroughly a Christian book.

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