Wednesday, July 24, 2013

PNWA Conference time

I am so excited! This weekend is the Pacific Northwest Annual Writers Conference in Seattle. This is one of my favorite writers conferences. Why? You ask. Because it is perfect for those trying to break into the business. The whole weekend you pitch to agents and editors and to each other. Unlike other conferences where it is frowned upon to pitch in the hallway, the PNWA conference is all about power pitching. They even have a special time period set apart where you pitch as if you were speed dating. You can talk to ALL of the agents and editors there.

Of course, there are also the workshops. I look forward to getting the inside scoop to share with everyone about what is happening this summer in the marketplace. Plus, there's getting to know new people. Everyone is very friendly, you have to be if you are pitching to random strangers for their opinions.

It was through the PNWA that I met book doctor, Jason Black, who helped me with The Emerald Ring. There are so many connections to be made. I've made several friends that I look forward to seeing year after year. And guess what? This year I actually get to be a part of things and sign books! I am so excited. Conferences are amazing. They really get you out of the lonely spots of life. I'll keep everyone posted on what goes on this weekend- pictures too!

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