Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Agent Margaret Bail

It's Publishing World Wednesday! And today I am getting to know agent Margaret Bail of Inklings Literary Agency. I met Margaret at the 2013 PNWA conference.

What is Margaret looking for?
She has a wide list including: historical, thriller, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, romance, memoir. If you are a nonfiction writer she also represents biography, cooking, pop culture and humor, and westerns. She DOES NOT do Literary Fiction, Young Adult or Middle Grade.

What is her background in publishing?
 Margaret is actually a new agent with 1 year under her belt. (Big Hint- She wants to build her list!) She worked previously at Andrea Hurst. She teaches university-level English and writing, and holds an MFA in creative and professional writing.

What advice does she have for writers?

1. "Have your complete manuscript ready before you query."
2. "Do your research. Don't send me what I don't represent."

Want to submit?

We accept electronic submissions only.

To query, type “Query (Agent Name)” plus the title of your novel in the subject line, then please send the following pasted into the body of the e-mail to query(at)inklingsliterary(dot)com:
A query letter that includes:
The title, genre, and word count of your project.
A brief blurb about the story.
A brief bio including any publishing credits.
The first 10 pages of your manuscript
A brief synopsis (1-2 pages)
Your subject line should look like this:

We will not open unsolicited attachments, so make sure you send all of the above pasted into the body of the email.

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