Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Editor Kat Brzozowski

Once again it's Inside the Publishing World Wednesday! And today I am checking out Kat Brzozowski, an assistant editor at Thomas Dunne Books.

What does Kat want?
She is seeking mystery/suspense (no paranormal), thriller, horror, urban fantasy (no fairies), women's fic, YA, sci-fi (based in this world) and memoir. She also represents nonfiction with narrative, pop culture and lifestyle.

What is her background in publishing?
Kat interned at both Writers House and Foundry Literary + Media.

What advice does she have for authors?

"Do be nice to everyone. Publishing is a small world."
"Don't pitch in the bathroom."
"Don't pick a huge past book to compare yours to."

One other thing to note, she will look at a book that was self-published, but you need to have a marketing plan.

*Submissions through agent only.

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