Friday, September 6, 2013

Darker Days by Jus Accardo

It's YA Friday and I have a recently released paranormal for everyone. It is Darker Days- The Darker Agency by Jus Accardo.

The Story-
High Schooler Jessie is part witch and part demon. She works alongside her mother at the Darker Agency, a PI firm that solves "abnormal" problems. Their case load heats up when a handsome young man named Lukas asks for help. His problem? Someone has opened the box that contains the seven deadly sins, and soon they will overtake the town, perhaps the world. Jessie and her mom have less than a week to capture the sins, now possessing town folk, and seal them back into the box. Sounds easy- right? Nope, especially when they find out that Lucas is actually the sin Wrath and that a 200 year-old witch is out to stop them.

Did I mention Jessie and Lukas fall in love?

My Thoughts-

This is a really fun paranormal full of interesting problems and outcomes. Our main character Jessie is stubborn and kick-butt. She is used to the darker side of things and doesn't shy away when the going gets tough. She constantly ignores her mother and gets into the thick of things.

Lucas is an actual human that shares a body with Wrath. He was placed inside the box with the other sins over 200 years ago by a nasty witch. He hopes that Jessie and her mother can help him out by transferring Wrath to the person who opened the box. That doesn't go over so well when the reader finds out who really opened the box. Jessie becomes stuck in the middle, falling for Lucas, but unwilling to curse another human into the box.

I love the ending of this book. It was not what I had expected and the author sets it up perfectly with several twists. There is also the potential for more books, and I would totally read them. Overall a great story line with a fun plot, strong characters and twisty romance.

4 stars!

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