Friday, October 25, 2013

Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Yep, I pre-ordered Allegiant and read it right up. There are some things you've just got to do. So, here's my review.

The Story-
Even though Tris revealed the secret at the end of book 2, Allegiant finds her in prison for treason. Due to her resistance to truth serum, she is able to lie and get herself and her friends of the hook. But, life in the city is almost as worse as before. The factionless have taken control, and have demolished all the factions. Now that they are out of the shadows, the factionless are ruling the people by force and declaring the video Tris released as a lie.

Tris, Tobias, and a few close friends decide the only place left for them is outside the city walls. However, when they leave they find the world waiting for them has as many problems as the city they just left. Years of genetic manipulation has left the human population at odds with one another. "Purity Wars" were fought and millions died. Now, the genetically pure lead things, with the genetically damaged seen as second class citizens.

As Tris and Tobias learn about the world they've escaped into, they see the injustice running rampant and join forces to help the GD (genetically damaged). Things get hairy when they learn of the Bureau's plot to wipe out all the memories of everyone left in the factionless city and reprogram them to be different people.

My Thoughts-

A great ending to an action-packed trilogy. Wow, this book really tied together all the loose ends, both emotionally and physically. The story switches back and forth between Tris and Tobias' POV's. We see Tris as she learns that her genetic defects have healed, and Tobias as he is declared genetically damaged. Both struggle to relate to the new world and find their places in it. I have to admit that I often got confused about whose POV I was in. Tris and Tobias are so alike that it would catch me by surprise to find myself thinking I was in one of their heads, when in fact I was in the other.

Though not as action packed as the previous two books, this one is full of emotional drama. I didn't miss the action as I learned about the world that was outside the city. The idea of genetic manipulation is feasible for our day and age, and reading about the results and the deluded secrets of the people left in charge was hard, because I could see it happening in real life.

The ending is a big shocker. I wasn't ready for it, and when it happened I was in disbelief. However, Roth does a great job continuing the story so that we feel the aftermath on our characters and as you read on, the shock eases. Wow, this series has some great lessons.

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  1. I'm a bit afraid reading Allegiant. I don't want it to end :((
    Great review!