Monday, October 28, 2013

Mickey Price- Journey to Oblivion by John P. Stanley

For MMGM today I have a great middle grade book called Mickey Price- Journey to Oblivion by John P. Stanley.

The Story- 
Mickey Price is an orphan known for his quick intellect and escape plans. Trace Daniels is the go-kart champion of Nevada and a tough cookie. Jonah Jones is a budding scientist. All three kids get invited to attend space camp in Florida, courtesy of NASA.

They train just like real astronauts, with scientists watching their every move. Then they find out the truth. There is a space station on the moon threatening a nuclear meltdown. Because of a magnetic element directly under the station, adults are unable to spend more than a few hours there and do not have the time to fix the reactor. That is where Mickey and his friends come in. They are being trained to really go into space. A mission the world will never know about if they succeed. If they fail it will be a disaster.

My Thoughts- 

This is a great book full of science and imagination. It is geared towards boys, but I truly believe girls will love the science and action just as much. The story is told as a memory. Mickey is a father on a camping trip with his son and daughter. As he relates his space mission, the one that history never recorded, his children come to find out their is more to their dad than they thought. It's a good way to tell the story.

I was delighted by all the humor and quirkiness of the tale. Using your imagination you might actually believe that it really happened, especially with all the real astronaut information included. When I was a teenager I used to dream of going to space camp. This book really brought those dreams back to my heart. Kids will love this book. There is action, adventure, peril, and science.


  1. I've been looking for a good read to give to a reluctant male reader and this sounds like a good fit. Very intriguing storyline. Thanks for the nice review.

  2. Thanks Greg. I think this book will be a good choice.