Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Merit Press Books- Publisher

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For Inside the Publishing World Wednesday I am taking a look at publisher Merit Press Books. Merit Press is the division of Adams Media that focuses on YA fiction. It was founded in 2013 and is continuing to grow.

What they are all about- "In the words of our publisher, Merit Press Books was founded to publish intensely readable, highly suspenseful novels with protagonists who usually are young adults over the age of fourteen. These stories will happen in the real world, featuring young female (and sometimes male) heroes rising to meet the challenges of a complex contemporary time and place."

What they want-
"In general these books will be about ordinary people in circumstances that rock their world. These circumstances can involve a tragedy, a natural disaster, or even a crime; sometimes they will not. They can involve an incident of social cruelty, a social issue, a scandal or a secret (everyone in a book has a secret), but they don’t have to, and they’ll be set in an unspecified present time. Often, they’ll be about
one life, through a particular lens."

What they don't want- paranormal, westerns, police drama, Gothic or slash crime.

Who is running things? The publisher is Karen Cooper and the editorial director is Jacquelyn Mitchard.

Feel like querying? They do accept query letters via email only. Send them to

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