Friday, November 15, 2013

My Sort of Fairy Tale Ending by Anna Staniszewski

It was my pleasure to review the final book in the My Very UnFairy Tale Life series. My Sort of Fairy Tale Ending came out Nov. 5 from Sourcebooks and was written by Anna Staniszewski.

The Story- 
Jenny's search for her mom and dad have led her to fairy land, but things are very strange. The whole place is like a broken down amusement park. The fairy queen is stealing all of the magic from the people in the land and using comatose adventurers to spread it around to other fairies. Jenny is caught in the insane queen's quest to have all of the magic in the universe, and is offered a deal. The queen will free Jenny's parents if Jenny turns over the location of the Committee.

My thoughts- 

I really love the fun and quirky attitude of Jenny. She is so enjoyable to read and her side comments are hilarious. In this final book she gets what she's always wanted- her parents, but the cost to have them is so high that it will mean betraying what she believes in. This betrayal ways heavy on Jenny and she progresses as a character as she makes her final decision.

I love all the humor that the author puts into the story. Even though the amusement park is shut down, the inhabitants of fairy land are forced to carry on its traditions. When they ride an elevator they have to put their arms in the air and scream. They are forced to line up and watch a parade full of empty trailers, and they have to use tickets to gain admission to different parts of the city. These things make the story nice and zany.

Another element that I liked is the description the author gives of the fairies. They aren't your typical elves. Instead they look like tall, skinny aliens with long arms. I thought this twist added a nice dimension to the story.

A great, fun read for teens. 4 stars!

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