Friday, January 3, 2014

Proxy by Alex London

Welcome to the future with Proxy by Alex London.
The Story-
In this book, your life is controlled by the amount of debt you owe. Knox is wealthy and has the best of everything. He doesn't even have to get punished when he does something wrong, his proxy takes the beatings. Syd is Knox's proxy. A poor boy trying to pay for school by being Knox's scapegoat.

Knox doesn't have a care in the world, even when he murders a girl in a car accident, he blows it off, but Syd, he is punished to death for the crime. Desperate to escape, Syd does what he has to, and kidnaps Knox, introducing the rich boy to the real world. Together the two learn secrets society doesn't want shared, and soon they are on the run racing across the country to join a rebel  society.

My Thoughts-
A very interesting premise that actually holds some basis in reality, and that's what makes it scary. In olden days a person could pay off his obligations for military service by having another go in their stead. Is London's future so far from that?

The worst part is the indifference the wealthy have towards their proxies. Even though they are forced to watch their proxy take their beatings, they consider it their due as rich patrons of the city. The coldness is terrifying. The story is told from both Knox's and Syd's POV, so the reader gets a real feel as to how both halves life. The true journey is watching Knox change. He struggles against everything he believes as Syd's life unfolds before him. The ending of the book is a testament to responsibility and forgiveness.

The action is continuous and the uncovering of Syd's true potential will keep readers going straight to the end. 4 stars!

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