Thursday, December 4, 2014

Meet Mordrake from The Awakening

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For my final excerpt, I am taking a look at the villain from The Awakening, Mordrake.

Name: Mordrake the Monster
Age: After 1,000 who's counting?
Lives: In a pit.
Desires: Freedom to leave his prison and destroy the kingdom.
Weapon: Magic, his pet Griffin
Friends: None



The Orc nodded toward the decapitated head. “Good thing we wait to bring you. Master got mad at last mage. . . "

Martha knew she was about to meet evil itself: Mordrake.

The Orc led her around a ragged hole in the ground. Martha glanced into its depths and marveled at its scale. Darkness pooled within the hole, and Martha could not make out the interior. The Orc pushed her toward the tent. She struggled with all her might, flinging her elbows out and kicking in every direction.

The Orc picked her up and carried her like a baby.

Inside the tent, the area shined with lamplight and was covered in rugs and cushions. Several tables lined one side of the space, and Martha could see maps sprawled upon them. Then she saw a tall man step out of the shadows, and her heart all but stopped.

“Greetings, mage. Welcome to my resting place,” said the man. He walked forward, examining every inch of her from top to bottom. Martha instinctively reached up a hand to smooth her ratted hair, but stopped in mid lift and frowned. The man ceased a mere foot in front of her face.
Martha held very still, but her mind was churning with defensive spells.

“Those won’t be necessary.” The man raised his hand and cupped the side of her face, staring deep into her eyes. “My name is Mordrake, and you are perfect.”

Martha felt his mind push into hers and then take stock of her power. “I needed you to be clearheaded enough for me to read.”

He was tall and handsome with long brown hair and blue eyes. He wore leather pants, a tunic, and a broadsword strapped to his hip. Martha could see his trim physique and knew he would make a deadly foe in battle. It was his perfect face that confused her. This is Mordrake the monster?


“No need to speak. Not that you could.”

Martha gathered her strength and then thrust Mordrake out of her mind.

“Yes, you will do.” He walked around her, taking in her age and appearance. “Seems you’ve let yourself go, but no matter, it’s your magic I need, not your body.”


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