Friday, January 30, 2015

Tunnel Vision by Susan Adrian

For YA Friday I am taking a look at a new release from St. Martin's- Tunnel Vision by Susan Adrian.

The Story-
Jake has an amazing talent, the ability to hold an object connected to a person and see through their eyes. A talent his father told him never to reveal. Of course, all his good intentions go out the window while at a party with the girl he's got a crush on and a drinking game. Suddenly, a strange man is following him and a DARPA agent is lurking in Jake's bedroom.

He is given no choice, work for the government or his family will suffer. Forced to lie to everyone, Jake begins his new "job", but the people in charge of him want more than he is willing to give and soon he will have to decided how far is too far.

My Thoughts-
A thrilling action packed YA novel that will take the reader on a roller coaster ride. Jake's ability is clever and freaky. I enjoyed the parts where the author tells us what he sees while tunneling. It could have been heavy description, but instead it is just right and moves the story along.  His character is fun and easy to relate too. I also liked that he was smart enough to put his powers to use, even when he was locked up and monitored. There is a small attempt at romance, but really not much. I found it odd that Rachel was willing to follow him when they hadn't even dated. 

My favorite character though is his grandfather. Loved the old Russian eccentric who believes in folk legends and holds deep secrets. Grandpa is really Jake's hero. Next favorite is Jake's little sister, who I think will develop her own ability.

Readers will enjoy the story and the predicaments that Jake gets into. They will root for him to escape and feel his pain when the truth about his father is revealed. The story is well written and the tension and action build well. I have to give one critique to the cover art though, it doesn't attract your attention or hint at the excitement within the book. That's not the author's fault though, so overall- 4 stars!