Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Michelle McCann- editor Beyond Words/Simon & Schuster

For today's look inside the publishing world I am spotlighting editor Michelle McCann from Beyond Words, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.

A little background first, Michelle graduated from Brown University and has a MFA in Writing for Children from Vermont College. She has been in the children's book world for over twenty years.

What is she looking for? She told us middle grade, young adult, non-fiction and self-help. In the children's realm she wants books that will change kids lives, mostly non-fiction. She also likes creative collections and is obsessed with graphic novels.

What type of editor is she? She said she loves developmental editing and getting involved with clients. She will go through the gauntlet for you to get that book published.

What does she think about author's and social media? She said it is not critical that you are a social media mogul, but she will check out your blog and sites. It gives her a good idea of the type of person she will be dealing with, and she specifically looks out for authors who criticize or complain about other editors. She also wants to see if you have kid appeal if you are a children's writer.

Her advice, treat your site like a cover letter.

Interesting tidbit, don't send her sweets, she a salty kind of gal.

At the moment Beyond Words is not taking unsolicited manuscripts, and no queries on the following subjects-

Children’s picture books, including Poetry/Rhyme
Adult Fiction, Short Stories, Memoirs, or Poetry
Cookbooks, Textbooks, or other Reference books
Illustrated Coffee Table or Photography books

For anything else, please check out their site-