Wednesday, May 6, 2015

How to write a query- revamped

Queries are so important. They are your entrance into the editor/agents world. So, this is how I write one.

Generically speaking- I begin with why I chose that particular agent/editor. I like to mention something personal. Perhaps I read their blog or met them at a conference. I'll follow with  the title, genre, word count and age range for my work.

Second paragraph- my pitch. Hopefully a snazzy three sentence or so synopsis of my work with a hook to draw in the reader.

My personal info comes last. If you have any writing credits this is where you put them. I also include my social media followings and links here.

To end your query I think it's important to thank the agent/editor for their time. From what I've read from blogs, agents/editors go through 50-100 queries a day!

Most agents/editors want email. It is a real change from just a few years ago.  Also, check the submissions guidelines for the agency/publisher, sometimes they want you to include a synopsis or the first few pages. Don't shoot yourself in the foot by not including that sample of your work, and double check how they want it sent. Most want it pasted into the body of the email, and not attached.

I tried being fancy with my first book query. I sent out invitations welcoming editors to the world in which my manuscript took place. That bombed. Now I keep it short and right to the point. From most editors I've met, they just want to move right to that sample of your writing.

Some other points-
To whom it may concern doesn't go over so well. Find a name.
Don't misspell their name!
Don't tell them all your friends/kids love your book.
If you use a comparison, don't compare your book to a big hit like Harry Potter.
Grammar and Spelling check!
Make sure they actually represent the type of book you are sending them. A little research into an agent or editor goes a long way.

Good Luck!
*this is a revamp of a post I put out there a couple years back. Times change, so here ya go.

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