Friday, May 1, 2015

Seeker by Arwen Elys Dayton

Welcome to YA Friday! I have a new release to review today, Seeker by Arwen Elys Dayton.
The Story-
All her life Quin has been training to become a seeker, a fighter for justice and freedom. By her side is her cousin three times over, Shibotu and the newer recruit, John. Together the trio have learned all the skills necessary to prepare them in taking their oath. Plus, Quin and John have developed a deep relationship.

All that changes when Quin's dad, Briar, refuses to let John take his oath, leaving just Quin and Shibotu to go through things alone. During their ceremony they learn that everything they believed was a lie and now they are a sworn part of things.

Bent on revenge, John returns to kill Briar and win Quin over to his side, but now that Quin knows the truth, she's not that easy to sway. Who will end up with the power?

My Thoughts-
This book is well written and the blurb from the cover copy intrigued me enough that I purchased the book. Unfortunately, this story has no real umph to it. It starts out in the present, jumps to the past, and then forward 18 months into the future, all on the same arc, who will control the power of the seekers?

That being said, there is such great potential here. There is the whole mystery behind who created the seekers, what their magic weapons can do, and who are the Dreads that keep order. The author gives us nifty tidbits, but then just doesn't follow through. The entire time I was reading, those mysteries were what I was interested in, but it just kept going back to character, and not story line.  I'm assuming that things will come out in book 2, but really this entire book could just have been a couple chapters. I was looking for adventure, but the book was just hung up on who would get the dagger.

This book barely hits 3 stars. It's not horrible or anything, and some might enjoy it, but for me it was just missing so much.

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