Friday, May 22, 2015

The Phoenix Files- Arrival by Chris Morphew

YA Friday Time! I went to an Usborne book party this week and picked up The Phoenix Files- Arrival by Chris Morphew. I read it in one day and can't wait to buy the next. Here's my review:

The Story-
Luke is not happy. His parents just went through a divorce and his mom is moving him to some strange nowhere place far away from his dad. When Luke gets to Phoenix he is surprised to find no cars, no Internet and worse, no phones. He can't contact his dad, and his mom doesn't seem to care.

He quickly makes friends at school with Peter and Jordan. Jordan too feels like something is wrong in Phoenix, and together they get Peter to join them on a quest to find out what. When the crazy hobo of the town starts attacking the three, they get desperate. He seems to be the only one with the answers they need, but he is psycho. All they understand is that someone in the town is plotting to end the human race in 100 days, and only they have a clue to stop him.

My Thoughts-

I really enjoyed this story. At first I couldn't believe how duped the people of the town must be to live in this weird town, but then I began to notice that many were unhappy, but the threat of death kept them in line. For those that were actually oblivious, what?

Luke is a good character and is relatable. He is a typical kid and just happens to be the last to arrive in town before they seal it up. He really wants to contact his father and is dismayed at the lack of communications. I think this is why he is ready to question things immediately. Where the other families are complete, his is the only divorced family, so he wants to be outside the town.

Another thing I enjoyed was that this book stands alone, and yet sets up the others in the series. I didn't get to the end and feel like it was a cliff hanger. I felt like the author had finished this part of the story. Plus, there are so many good questions left to be answered, like how do they intend to wipe out the world and what type of mutation made the hobo crazy.

Kids will enjoy this story and it is a good read. 5 stars!


  1. Thanks for the review. This sounds like something teens will really like.