Monday, September 14, 2015

Book Review- Air Keep by J. Scott Savage

Welcome to MMGM, Marvelous Middle Grade Monday, a weekly event hosted by Shannon Whitney Messenger. Today I am reviewing Air Keep, Book 3 in the Far World saga by J. Scott Savage.

The Story-
It has been six months since the end of book two. Marcus has been stuck in a monastery on Earth with the spiteful Brother Sean. Kyja has been on Far World, impatiently waiting for Master Terapass to figure out a way to bring Marcus safely back.

On Earth, Marcus is growing frustrated, not only with waiting, but also because all of his stuff keeps disappearing. When he finally finds it in an abandoned room, he is sucked away into a strange void where he is able to experience the was, is, and will be. In the will be he sees the death of Kyja and it throws him into a stupor, almost causing him to wish himself into the never was.

Kyja pulls him out just in time and together, with Marcus hiding her future from her, they go in search of Air Keep and the third race of elementals they need to save both Earth and Far World.

My Thoughts-
I am really enjoying this series. Marcus is crippled and as he travels from place to place his disability changes with the fate of Far World, but, he is also a super wizard and is able to do things others can't. In this book, Marcus is given a wand that triples his powers. Kyja is the opposite. She is fit and able to fight, but she is immune to magic. Together the two compliment each other. So well in fact, that Kyja knows that Marcus is hiding something from her, and until they can fully work together, some mysteries can not be solved.

Each book offers a different search for different elementals. I enjoyed the air elementals. Their jokes were very funny and I wish there had more examples given. Unlike the first two books, the air elementals don't play as pivotal a role and aren't around for much of the story. Instead, Marcus is weighed down by his secret and time travel is the big theme. There is one more character of note, Mr. Z. I love him. He is a quirky little leprechaunish guy who is pure magic. His role in things is a mystery and his obsession with snails is unique.

I've already started book four, Fire Keep. Kids will love this series. 5 stars!


  1. I just finished J. Scott Savage's newest, MYSTERIES OF COVE-FIRES OF INVENTION and enjoyed it so I imagine I'd like this one too. Thanks for featuring.

  2. yes! I loved his latest too. I'm scheduled to post my review during his blog tour next Monday. Sneak info- it got 5 stars :)

  3. Thanks for the review. I don't know this writer or series.

  4. Thanks for the review, Dorine! Hint: You'll learn the truth about Mr. Z in book 4. :)