Friday, January 15, 2016

Family Magic by Patti Larsen

YA Friday! Today I am talking about a book series that just has me coming back for more. It is the Hayle Coven novels by Patti Larsen. The first book, Family Magic, is FREE right now on Kindle. Which of course, is what hooked me. Now, I'm on book ten.

Then main story line follows young witch, Syd Hayle, as a teenager and as she turns into a  young adult, and her family and coven members. She is unique in that as time passes she is able to control the magic of different magical beings including, Sidhe, Vampire and Demon. She is an amazing character and her boy drama alone through out the series is never ending. I can't stop reading. Right now, in book nine, she's at Harvard, which is secretly run by witches, don't ya know?

So, book one, Family Magic-
The Story-
Syd has moved with her coven to a new town, her mother is the coven leader and their house the center of all things magical. Syd has only wanted to be normal, she has refused to learn magic and wants nothing more than to turn 18 and rid herself of magic. Of course, it's a little hard seeing that she is half-demon (dad) and half-witch (mom).

Then the Moromond's join her coven, with hot son Quaid, who, oops, her mother forgot to tell her she was hand fasted too. Now trouble is brewing, someone wants to upset and destroy her coven, and she's going to need help defending witches who suddenly seem against her.

My Thoughts-
I already mentioned some above, but let me just mention Syd again. Her character is amazing. She has this incredible inner dialogue that is poignant and funny. She is strong, and as a character she grows with each book. I can't stop following her adventures.

This book is for adult and young adult. Sex only shows up in book 9 so far, and only as an after the fact event, no details. I don't see any objections there. The language is fine and though many people freak out about paranormal and demons, this book looks at demons as creatures from another plain of existence. Good and evil are still good and evil.

I have to recommend this book and the series. So much fun. 5 stars!


  1. if you can reach 10th book in the series then it must be good.
    nice review

    1. Thanks. They are really good and each story is different.

  2. Wow. That is a long series and it sounds like a good one if it can keep you engaged for so long. Thanks for the heads up.