Monday, August 1, 2016

Everything Sports from National Geographic Kids

Welcome to Middle Grade Monday. I love adding a bit of non-fiction to my site, and National Geographic Kids keeps me up to date with their recent releases. With the Olympics coming up, they sent me Everything Sports.

Why do I love National Geographic? The photo's blow my mind. They are full color spreads that put you right in the moment. This book does the same with glorious images of sports and athletes.First off, they tell you the definition of sport, so that you'll know what you will find in this book. Then they go on to talk about the world of sports and fun tournaments, including the Olympics.

This will be a fun book for kids to look at, but I don't see it being one that will be read over and over. It doesn't focus on one sport in particular, so this is a broad view that will help children understand what is out there, and perhaps encourage them to find something new to play.

My favorite page, and one I bet others will enjoy (because this fascinated me as a kid too) is called Sports Balls- The Inside Scoop. I always wondered what was inside the balls I played with, and this spread shows them all. From bowling balls to golf balls, this page shows balls split in half and what resides inside. So cool.

Then the book moves on to common, but classic games such as basketball, baseball and football. Equipment is detailed, history of the sports is given and terminology discussed. From there we move on to other sports and finally to the extreme sports. Tons of fun facts are given, weird trivia and comparable statistics make this book a hit. Great for kids who want to know what is out there and some facts to make them knowledgeable on the subject. 4 stars!


  1. Should be a big hit with boys and girls especially with the flashy colorful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I never met a Nat Geo book for kids I didn't think would be a huge hit. This looks like no exception. Thanks for the post.

  3. Yep, It'll be a hit with both boys and girls.