Monday, March 20, 2017

Dead Air by Michelle Schusterman

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Welcome to Middle-Grade Monday! Today I am reviewing  a spooky fun book entitled, Dead Air - The Kat Sinclair Files #1 by Michelle Schusterman.

The Story-
 Kat's dad is the new host for the TV show Passport to Paranormal. A show that hunts and reveals ghosts. Since Kat's mom seems to come and go in her life, Kat heads off with her father to Brussels for his first episode. Things get strange right from the beginning when a strange note prints off from the computer and later a message containing 13 X's scrolls across the video player.

Kat and the producer's grandson, Oscar, are convinced that a real-life ghost is afoot. Together they begin researching the secret tunnels underneath the streets of the city. Kat also keeps all her friends back home up-to-date about her discovery by starting a blog chronicling her expeditions.

Her blog takes off in popularity, and it soon might be what saves the show from being axed by the network. Of course, a stalker leaving death threats and a ghost that keeps possessing the producer might just seal the deal first.

My Thoughts-
This was a really fun middle grade read that is the perfect level of scary without going into horror. Kat is a girl with mommy issues. She is haunted by what she calls "the Thing", something the book doesn't really delve into, and which I found odd. When "The Thing" was revealed in the end, I understood what it was, but I'd always thought it was a corporeal entity, not just a thought. So, I was confused there. Anyway, Kat is a brave girl who wants to get to the truth of all the paranormal phenomena happening around her. Her adventures are a treat and carry the reader through the plot.

The sub plot of a stalker is a great tension-filled ride that will leave the reader guessing until everything comes to a head in a spooky prison setting. This book was great fun and I think kids will enjoy the tale. I give it 4.5 stars!


  1. This should have wide appeal for both boys and girls. A very unique plot with fun sounding characters. Thanks for your insights on this one.

  2. This certainly is an exciting story that I think both genders would enjoy! Such an interesting plot and sub plot! Also, the cover makes you want to check it out. Fun pick!