Friday, March 24, 2017

Garden of Thorns by Amber Mitchell

YA Friday brings us a fun, new paranormal adventure entitled Garden of Thorns.

The Story-
Sixteen-year old Rose has been a slave in the cruel circus show called the Garden. She and a group of girls entertain spectators and if they mess up their act, their best friend is beaten. Now the traveling show has been called upon to perform at the Imperial City, and Rose's best friend is involved in a plot to free all the girls in the troop.

Things do not go well, and only Rose escapes. She finds herself rescued/kidnapped by Rayce, and outlaw Prince. He and his group of followers will do anything to take back the kingdom and free the people from the tyranny of its ruler.

Rose is valuable for her sneaking skills, and she joins the band on one condition, that they help her rescue the other girls in the Garden. But, Rose has a deep, dark secret and its truth will cause trouble for Rayce and his fighters- trouble and maybe even death.

My Thoughts-
Great book with strong characters and a fantastic plot line. Caution- there is violence and gruesome images. I loved the whole concept of this story. It is unique and though the prince and princess thing is old hat, the original concept of the Garden is chilling. At first I was confused. The girls in the circus are called flowers and the girls they bond with are their weeds. I never really understood if the weeds magically took on all the pain and punishment of the flowers or if they were physically beaten. I had to let that question go as the story progressed and I was caught up in the life or death race Rose makes for freedom.

Rose is strong and loyal. She will not abandon her "sisters" in the garden. Rayce is brave and open-hearted, a true prince.The villains are cruel and chilling. Overall, a nice set-up.

Plot wise I did have a question. There is a miracle mineral that makes Rayce and his people glow green and equips their stun guns. The use of these guns gives them advantage during attacks. My problem, if this mineral is so abundant underground in natural caves and tunnels, why is the Imperial city unable to easily find it?

Overall though, a fun book that kept me reading until the end. Despite my questions I'm bumping this one up to a 4 because it really held my interest. 4 stars!

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