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Petals by Laurisa White Reyes- Book Launch and Giveaway!

Happy Book Launch to Petals by Laurisa White Reyes! A YA multi-cultural fiction with a thriller twist. I'm giving away 1 free kindle copy to 1 lucky reader! To enter, fill out the rafflecopter form at the very end. If you don't see it, click 'read more'.

The Story-
On Christmas Eve, a horrific car accident leaves Carly Perez without a mom. After a year of surgeries and counseling, Carly’s life is nearly back to normal—except for the monsters—vague, twisted images from the accident that plague her dreams. When her father insists on spending their first Christmas alone in Guatemala with a slew of relatives Carly has never met, she is far from thrilled, but she reluctantly boards the plane anyway.

That’s where she first spots the man with the scarred face. She could swear she has seen him before. But when? Where?

In Reu, the Guatemalan town where her father grew up, Carly meets Miguel, her attractive step-cousin, and thinks maybe vacation won’t be a total waste after all. Though she is drawn to him, Carly’s past holds her back—memories that refuse to be forgotten, and a secret about the accident that remains buried in her subconscious. And everywhere she turns, the man with the scarred face is there, driving that unwelcome secret to the surface.

My Thoughts-
A beautiful young adult coming of age story with a rich cultural background and a thrilling surprise twist. Carly doesn't want to go visit her relatives in Guatemala, but on the one year anniversary of her mother's death, her father decides it's time to meet the family. The setting is bold and brilliant, a weaving of images and traditions that sing to a reader's senses. I felt like I was in Guatemala as I read Carly's tale. It was fun to read of holiday traditions from another culture and observe things from Carly's point of view. Everything from the town of Reu to the jungles and old Mayan towers is brought to life by the author.

The character of Carly herself is well voiced and developed. She is a typical teenager, but is  dealing with a horrible tragedy. She struggles to find her way in this new world where her mother doesn't exist and her memories of the event are dark and horrible. She constantly sees a strange man, "raisin face", everywhere she goes, and these meetings bring on panic attacks and black outs. Who is this man? Why is he following her? These questions will pull you through the story and keep the tension high. The unveiling at the end is both soul wrenching and cathartic.

I really enjoyed this read. I highly recommend it! 5 Stars!

In sixty seconds, Mom would be dead.
We’re driving down Telegraph Highway, the two of us, a wrapped gift box on my lap. It is rectangular, maybe fifteen inches tall, in red foil paper with a white bow on top. We were lucky to find the drug store still open on Christmas Eve.
Mom is pleased. She’s humming along with the radio, which is playing a lively fifties holiday song. Her thumbs tap out the tune on the steering wheel. Her car keys sway in the ignition, jingling like bells.
Outside, the sky is dark. Through the storm, the road ahead looks like a long tunnel.
Snow is falling.
It happens so fast there is no time to react. Bright lights hurtle toward us on our side of the road. Mom’s arms brace against the wheel. She thrusts her foot against the brake, but the road is slick with ice. The car swerves.
I hear a car horn blaring. I hear the crunch of metal, the pop of glass shattering. A powerful force shoves me against the car door as everything suddenly whirls in the wrong direction. I feel pain. I scream.
And then it’s over.
When I blink open my eyes, everything is white.
Snow is falling.

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