Monday, March 13, 2017

Ultimate Ocean-pedia from National Geographic Kids and Christina Wilsdon

Middle-Grade Monday Alert! If you've read my blog before you might have noticed that I love National Geographic Kids books. Today I'm looking at Ultimate Ocean-pedia. Right off the bat- 5 stars!

This book has it all and any child interested in sea creatures, waves and underwater exploration will love this book. My favorite thing are the pictures. I get a thrill looking at the close-up, colored images. It's like seeing the real thing. The book goes into all types of sea life, giving detailed information, amazing facts and diagrams. If you didn't know how the tide system worked before, now you will.

The book is divided into 7 sections: Oceans, Ocean life, Ocean in Motion, Wild weather, Underwater exploration, Along the coast and When people and oceans meet. The chapter I looked at the most was Ocean life because I could not stay away from the pictures and facts. So fun! Even children not old enough to read will spend time thumbing through the pages.

This is a truly special book for kids who love the Ocean.


  1. If it's half as good as the Nat'l Geo robotics book I read last fall then it's bound to be fantastic. Thanks for the NF recommendation!

  2. My boys like non fiction science books. :)

  3. I have a grandson that would love this Nat'l Geo book about the oceans. Thanks for sharing this important read.

  4. I also am a big fan of the NatGeo books for kids. This looks great. Thanks for telling me about it.