Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Editor Alison Weiss, Sky Pony Press

Continuing my report from the SCBWI WWA Spring conference, let's look at Alison Weiss from Sky Pony Press.

Alison is a senior editor at Sky Pony Press who works on picture books through YA. She loves assassins and spies and sleuths, friendships that feel like they’ll last forever, and love stories that will twist you in knots before they’re through. She’s especially eager to find a middle grade with a cozy feel, and a voice-driven, sweeping, romantic YA. She told the audience, "I seldom cry. If I'm crying at the end of a book you're doing something right."

What did she talk about during the panel? Well, passion. That's right, passion. "If I don't feel that level of passion about a book, how can I work with it for months or years?" She went on to say that her vision needs to match your own. "If we're going different ways it's never going to work. There will be tension."

Before taking on a client she will call the author and talk about the book and the author's plans. She needs to know how an author will promote their book so that she can help sell them to the acquisitions board. An author needs to be flexible in letting others in to help guide their writing and publishing journey.

Her advice to writers?
1. Don't compare yourself to others. This is your journey. It is special in its own right.
2. Support the writing community. Be a good member.

For more information check out Alison's wishlist and submissions page.

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