Friday, April 7, 2017

The Dead Inside by Cyndy Etler

Welcome to YA Friday! Today I am looking at The Dead Inside by Cyndy Drew Elter.

The Story-
Cyndy was young. She wanted to fit in and wear the cool jeans. She went along when her best friend introduced her to pot. She let boys get the upper hand, but really, she just want to be accepted. She never really did any hard core stuff, but that didn't matter to her mom. Instead, her mom sent her to Straight, Inc. a drug rehab, and hell began. This is a true story.

My Thoughts-
This book was hard to read. Right from the get go Cyndy was a person to me. Her desires and passions come across so well. I had to put the book down. It was too real. Too rough. Too hard. Be prepared if you pick this book up, it will cut into you and leave you bleeding. It is well written and that comes across as the horrors come at you.

As you can guess, this book is for mature readers. It deals with things that many don't want to think about. It will leave you feeling unwell and angry. This book definitely brings out the emotions. I won't be rating it because I'm on the fence about how appropriate it is for young readers, but since it happened to a young woman, well, you see my dilemma. I remember reading Go Ask Alice as a teen, and this book is right up there with it. Honest and real to the extreme.