Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Agent Rebecca Sherman, Writers House, LLC.

Let's look at an agent this time from the Spring SCBWI WWA Conference. Rebecca Sherman is a  senior literary agent at Writers House, LLC. She began her publishing career over 15 years ago and represents a range of PB (specializing in the representation of author/illustrators of picture books), middle grade, YA (fiction and nonfiction,), graphic novels, and highly illustrated fiction.

She told the audience that when she passes on a manuscript, it's not you, it's us. "It has to be beyond exceptional for me and for tens of thousands of readers." Plus, she has a bandwidth of maybe 50 clients in her career.

Besides the above interests, she is looking to add Own Voices and expand diversity on her list. She also likes the genuinely funny and wholly original. Plus, things she doesn't know to ask for right now.

Her advice to writers?
1. Don't get so caught up in checking your posts for responses to queries that you're not working on your next book. Don't micro promote and analyze. Create the next book!
2. Stop being alone. Join a critique group. A lot is up to you, but not all. It takes a village.

For more information check out the submissions page at Writers House.